Be proud of your smile

At Diamond Dental Group every step is taken to ensure that the dentures we provide for you are not only comfortable and functional, but also cosmetically pleasing and natural-looking. This can often be accomplished as a same-day service!

The pink plastic "gum" of your dentures can be designed to fill in and support your facial muscles so that wrinkles and aging lines are minimized. With this kind of detail, dentures can actually restore and give you a more youthful appearance. At our facility, your dentures are made very carefully. Much attention is paid to your "s" or "v" sounds to make sure you're articulating words properly. We know that the stability and retention of your dentures are critical, because little can be accomplished if they are loose. Denture wearers should be able to speak normally and eat without the dentures popping out of their mouths.

But we all know that things change. And so does the mouth. The jawbone recedes, the gums shrink, and a gap develops between the gums and the denture – it no longer fits. People use many different kinds of sticky (and messy) creams or powders to "tighten" the "hold" of the denture. The denture may need repeated relines to fill in the gap. Sometimes, no matter what you do to accommodate these changes, the results are less than perfect.

Happily, today there is a solution: shrinkage of the bone and gums can be minimized and even prevented with the new mini dental implants. Placement of these very small and narrow implants will slow down the shrinkage of your jawbone and minimize or prevent sore spots created by dentures rubbing on the gums.

Remember, dentures don't last forever. Dentures are no more permanent than eyeglasses. They need to be replaced at certain intervals. They may break if dropped. Even with meticulous care, the natural appearance of denture teeth may change with diet, chewing and age. Let us make you new ones that will make you proud to smile!