“Since 1974, The Dr. Isaak Dental Group has made over 27,000 dentures – an unusual achievement by any standard. Aside from sheer numbers, it represents many years of experience and expertise. This unique facility attracts patients from all over the tri-state area…” …from a feature article in the Newark Star Ledger

Welcome to the Dr. M. David Isaak Dental Group. Our philosophy is simple: patients receive the finest dental care, delivered by an outstanding team in a comfortable setting.

Our goal is to help you look and feel your best. There is much from which to choose at this dental facility. Do you want new dentures? Perhaps you would like to explore getting the new “mini implants” to secure and tighten your dentures. Or maybe you want routine care and a cleaning, or teeth whitening, or an improved smile design and cosmetic enhancement. Be assured that we look forward to working with you. Whatever your needs are, we will help you feel your best without putting a “cavity” in your wallet. We’re confident we can give you something to smile about!

An unusual feature of our practice is our in-house lab. This “on premises” full service dental laboratory enables us to provide rapid, accurate and same-day service. The lab technicians mirror our attention to detail throughout the implementation of each patient’s treatment plan. All of our experienced professional staff, assistants and dental technicians are highly educated and specially trained.

You will find that throughout this facility, the Dr. M. David Isaak Dental Group utilizes the latest “high-tech” equipment, the newest techniques and technology to improve your smile... easily, comfortably and rapidly.

Anyone, younger or older, can benefit from a healthier, comfortable, beautiful smile. Come and be amazed at what modern dentistry can do to improve and enhance your pride in your appearance, your self-confidence, your comfort and, especially, your quality of life. You will wonder why you did not do it sooner!

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Dr. M. David Isaak Dental Group, P.A.
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